About Me

My Name is Iddo Gino. I am a web & mobile developer, specifying in Web 2.0 development,

cloud development for data-savvy applications, and mobile development for both the iOS and Android platforms. I also like photography and tend to always have my camera around, continuously recording the world around me. You are more than invited to view some of my photos here.

I am currently a highschool student, and I am also learning towards a degree in Computer Sciences. I currently participate in a proggram called Lead that develops young leadership in Israel. You can have a look at the Projects page to have a look at my project protfolio.


  • Web front-end development for the new web, with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. Major past expirience developing web apps and mobile-web apps.
  • Back-end development with NodeJS and MySQL, for mobile apps and web apps.
  • Expirience working with Ubuntu and Ubuntu server. Expirience with the AWS platform.
  • Proggram flowlessly in Java, C, ObjC, Javascript, PHP and C++.
  • Expirience working with the iOS platform and developinfg apps.